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yumeMedia helps its clients put their best foot forward — presenting an image and brand to be respected amongst peers, colleagues, and customers alike. Image and branding mean everything for organizations that are fundraising, seeking investors, partnerships, or customers. Potential customers and business associates will know your organization is serious, prepared, ready, and here to stay.

Our communications solutions embody two simple concepts:

  1. Using research and experience, we help our clients find the best channels (print and/or internet) to communicate with their intended audience.
  2. Using design and written copy that is professionally produced, we help our clients put their best foot forward in a functional, clean, and, most importantly, professional manner.

How Do We Do It? We Listen To YOU!

Once you contact yumeMedia the listening process begins. We will consult with you either by phone or in person to assess what you feel your needs are. In addition to that, we will suggest options you may not have considered. Not just any options, options which will help you in what you do and what you want to accomplish. Once a goal is determined, we can then work towards implementing that goal.

Eunice J. Hart, owner

Eunice J. Hart

As owner of yumeMedia, Eunice J. Hart writes, edits and designs for clients in many different areas including non-profits, sales, advertising, music, PR & promotions, politics, and publishing.

For the past 12 years, she has worked freelance as a web designer/developer (HTML, CSS, PHP), graphic designer and writer with a little editing added in for good measure. In addition to the creative solutions she produces, she also advises and steers her clients toward what makes them visible and keeps them looking good — whether it's the right design, words or area of social media.

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Ready to start a project? Curious about our services? Need a quote? Let's talk about your project and what we can do for you. We like to know some basics before we begin, so for starters, please fill out our contact form and give us some info on your needs.

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